Setup Development Environment

Setup Development Environment

This guide gives information how to start setup your development environment so you are ready to customize the current Carbonaut version.

There are two options which you can use. Either you use a vscode dev container which uses Docker in the background as virtualized dev environment. Or you use your regular machine for development. If you are on Windows you need to work with WSL (Linux Subsystem for Windows) and note that there may be some issues since Carbonaut was developed on macOS and not tested on other platforms. If any step is not working, please open a PR to improve this document.

Make sure to work on a fork and not the cloned carbonaut repository! See the contributor guide for more information.


Install Go and NPM. Go is used to compile the project and install additional tooling like golangci-lint. NPM is used to install additional tooling like pre-commit and prettier for formatting. All installs are listed in the Makefile under installs

  1. Current Go version used on macOS go version go1.22.2 darwin/arm64
  2. Current NPM version used on macOS 10.8.0

MAKE Install

Install dependencies with make install.

Optional: Use VSCode Dev Containers

Dev Containers are not yet implemented.