The Carbonaut project is a POC project and therefore no community structures are in place. If you find this project interesting enough to contribute, please open up an issue on the repository or directly a PR to discuss your idea. Any contributions are very welcome!

Development Workflow

  • Fork the repository and work on your fork. It’s recommended to create a feature branch on your fork and open pull requests from feature branches to Carbonaut’s main branch. If you have questions about forks, branches etc. take a look at GitHub’s documentation.
  • If you forked the repository, install all dependencies, Go, pre-commit and then run make install to install other go nbased tools (see Makefile). If you intend to make changes to the manual testing scenario, refer to this guide.
  • After that you can run make verify to check if everything is setup for local development.

Ways of communication

  • GitHub issues and pull requests on the Carbonaut repository (no forks!)

Additional Comments by area of contribution

  • Improve internal code: improvments are welcome! There are several TODO: XYZ annotations in the code that highlight some areas of improvements.
  • Increasing test coverage and quality: improvements are welcome! The test coverage is not great. Test coverage is uploaded as artifact with each push to the main branch (see actions). You can also run test coverage of the Go code by executing make test-coverage.
  • Adding Provider Plugins: make sure to test it both mocked and as E2E test.
  • Proposing changing data schema or API: sure, make your case. The datamodels are minimal and not complete, changes are welcome.

Improvements to this document are welcome!